I’ll personally be your Sponsor and mentor and will help you have all the resources and help you need to be successful with your new Scentsy business goals, whatever they may be. You’ll join a network of around 250 wonderful Scentsy Consultants on my team who will immediately be your new Scentsy family and help ensure your success as well. We’re all excited to welcome you and have you on our team! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to sell Scentsy and how much you love being a Scentsy rep in the UK, Germany, Ireland, or Poland. It’s easy and quick to sign up to sell Scentsy online. You can start your very own Scentsy candle business and be one of the first Scentsy Europe Consultants.

NEW! Disney Hocus Pocus Scentsy Warmer & Bar

Limited lifetime warranty.† 27 cm tall, includes one filter. I like scentsy I like the scents and warmers, but as soon as you like something they discontinue everything you like. One of my neices broke my artichoke warmer I just got, and of course discontinued, and I can’t buy it again, I fell in love with mulberry discontinued. order Scentsy Uk was founded by Kara Egan and her sister-in-law Colette Gunnell in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003. At a small business event in 2004, they met Orville Thompson, a struggling entrepreneur who had previously started several unprofitable business ventures. Thompson took an interest in the pair’s wick-less candle company and a few months later, he and his wife Heidi Thompson purchased the company from Egan and Gunnell.

Tabletop Base for Ceramic Mini Scentsy Warmer

It was also pointed out that forcing someone to undertake repeatedly calling strangers and likley being knocked back would be a deeply distressing task for many people with hidden disabilities. This revolting individual didn’t just demonstrate a complete lack of awareness of equality issues but made repugnantly ignorant discriminatory coments towards disability as well. Marketing materials for Scentsy were created by a Layton, Utah-based graphic design company, ScentsySuccess (an authorized division of Ann Dalton Design Inc.). ScentsySuccess was acquired by Scentsy in 2008, at which time they moved to a new distribution centre and showroom in Layton. Choose who you want to work with every day. Surround yourself with encouraging motivated people.

Then you will be stocked up for quite a while. Check the bottom of your warmer. There is a handy-dandy grey sticker that lists the wattage of the bulb you need. You can check the current catalog and if your warmer is still current & featured then you will see the wattage listed.

Then you buy a Scentsy bulb & you wasted money on the off-brand bulb. Too high of a wattage and even if you don’t damage your warmer, you still shorten the time of fragrance being emitted from you wax. Scentsy bars are developed for a low melting point.

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