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Factors to Take into Account While Buying a Lift Chair

Those who have trouble getting in and out of a lounger frequently turn to lift chairs or power recliners as an alternative. These chairs are now substantially less expensive than comparable decent quality recliners seen in retail furniture stores as a result of their popularity. Even if you don’t need a lift chair right now, as you become older you might want to think about getting a power recliner with the lift option so you’ll be ready if you ever find yourself with limited mobility. These are 5 factors to think about when buying a lift chair to ensure you receive what you require.


There are many different positions, and not all lift chairs can accommodate them all. For a link to a Pride position guide, click here. Review the positions that each lift chair can attain before making your purchase to avoid being disappointed when the lift chair you purchased at a great price cannot recline all the way.


The fact that lift chairs are available in a wide range of sizes is one of its significant advantages. If your chair is the right size, you can stay comfortable for longer and prevent bad posture like hanging feet or slouching to one side. Seat depth, seat width, and seat to floor height should all be taken into account. Anyone who is susceptible to skin breakdown should pay particular attention to this.

Weight limit:

Each lift chair has a weight capacity that has been approved. It’s crucial to stay under these weight restrictions in order to prolong the chair’s lifespan and preserve your guarantee.

Additional Alternatives:

Many additional options are now available for lift chairs. Among them are features like heat, massage, FirstUp (chair that rises from the ground quickly), power foot extension, and battery backup. Considering your budget is important while selecting these alternatives because these extras do, of course, cost money.

Fashion and Material:

There is a far wider variety of models and fabrics now that motorized recliners are so popular. This enables you to create the desired style and coordinate with your current furniture and room decor. When it comes to fabric, there are also functional concerns because some fabrics include moisture barriers that are crucial for specific users. If you take into account these 5 factors, you should be able to find a lift chair that meets your demands and functions properly.

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